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Your Business’ Most Valuable Assets Are You and Your Employees

Your Business’ Most Valuable Assets Are You and Your Employees

Benefits build your company’s value, and authenticity.
It shows you care not only about the well-being of your company, but the people behind that company.

The physical, mental and financial health of you, your family, and your employees is a priority. Second to that? Catering to that priority without breaking the bank. Because of this, we offer plans tailored to even the smallest budgets. From the solopreneur Etsy shop owner to the large law firm, we are exclusive providers of the Chambers Group Plan for a reason. This plan provides a stable, high level of coverage, with thousands of businesses covered. It is a non-profit plan, where premium surpluses are funneled back into the plan to create more programs.

Group Benefits

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Individual Benefits

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Service Solutions

We offer a variety of specialized services, designed to meet your specific goals and needs.




Benefits That Retain, Reward & Recruit

The market is competitive and businesses that offer benefits to recruit and reward top talent have much higher retention rates.


Knowing you, your family and your employees are covered for a life well-lived!

Building your company’s worth begins from the inside out. And starts with well-being. When you build an effective benefits plan into your company culture, you also build longevity, authenticity, and a reason to work for you, over the next guy. As a family business ourselves, A. Hopkins Insurance understands and provides for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

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