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What Is Extended Health Care? How Can It Benefit My Business

Extended health care plans provide additional coverage beyond the British Columbia Provincial Health Plan. They typically include coverage for paramedical services,  vision care, prescription drugs, mental-health resources and other medical services. Every business has the option to offer their employees extended health care coverage. Plans from providers like the Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan […]

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Life Insurance: What’s The Difference Between Term and Whole?

Life insurance is a great way to create peace of mind for you and your family. There are three different types of life insurance term, whole, and universal. It can be difficult to understand how to choose the right insurance for your unique situation.  I will outline the three different types of life insurance policies. […]

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Is Insurance Planning Important For Small Businesses?

Insurance is used for risk mitigation. When you purchase insurance you are preparing yourself in the case of an unexpected disaster. You take out insurance to place the financial burden of that disaster on a large company.  Insurance planning outlines the amount required to protect you and your family or your business from an unexpected […]

Buying Employee Group Benefits: What to Look For

Buying Employee Group Benefits: What to Look For

Employee benefits are an important offering to help your business create long-term loyal employees. Choosing a benefits plan is an important step to ensuring that your employees are happy.  But how do you choose the right plan?  As an important part of your staff’s financial security and an investment in your company’s success, your benefits […]

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How to Choose The Best Mix of Extended Health Coverage For Your Employees

There is a common question many small business owners have about group benefits plans. If Canada offers provincial health plans why do they need extended health care benefits?  Extended health benefits are designed to supplement things that are not offered by the provincial health plan.   Offering benefits can help a business stay competitive in the […]

What Are The 4 Types of Employee Benefits

As Canadians, we are lucky to live in a country that provides universal health care. Because of this health care, all employees have access to basic coverage, which includes Doctor & Hospital visits.  Employee benefits in BC have traditionally covered four important insurance types. Extended Health and Dental Coverage Life Insurance Disability Insurance Retirement Plan […]

What Is Small Business Insurance And How Do I Get Started?

Small business health insurance is health insurance coverage for employers with between 1 to 50 employees. Employers sign up for a benefits package for their employees that helps cover medical expenses above what is available through provincial coverage.  Health benefits are a great way to offer better employee benefits packages without the high additional costs.  […]

The Benefits of Social Connections

The Benefits of Social Connection

If you or your employees have felt lonely or isolated over the past couple of years, you aren’t the only ones. The pandemic has walloped Canadians’ mental health. Angus Reid Institute found increased numbers of people felt isolated or lonely in an October 2020 study, which also revealed 47% of Canadians rated their mental health […]

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How to write an engaging caption on social media for your business

“Discomfort is always a necessary part of the process of enlightenment” -Pearl Cleage There are many reasons to spend time writing quality social media posts for your business. Whether you choose to wield your own words, or borrow someone else’s, as in the above quote, a great caption can take your audience to great places, […]