Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Three Ways You Can Boost Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Right now, people everywhere are taking a close look at how unconscious bias, privilege, and structural racism continue to manifest in the so-called woke world. This includes the workplace, and these conversations underscore the importance of regularly reevaluating and re-energizing equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) initiatives to ensure real change is still happening. Adding the […]

Time to reinvent your business

Time to reinvent your business?

It’s been said “never waste a good crisis.”  Most business owners who have been enduring the unexpected impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic would probably agree:  as far as crises go, this has been a pretty good one. “Good” may not be accurate. For some, words like “devastating”, “ruinous” or “bankrupting” might be better descriptors.  To […]

Insights on marketing during and after a pandemic

Insights on marketing during and after a pandemic

In a post-pandemic world, will our customers continue to be brand discerning, or will they turn a blind eye? We’re hardly there, yet—a post-pandemic world; however, the economy is slowly coming back as cities re-open businesses and people emerge bleary-eyed from three-or-so months of isolation. Isolation forced us all into somewhat of a consumerism lapse—No […]

What the Canada-US-Mexico Free Trade Agreement means to you & your business

What the Canada-US-Mexico Free Trade Agreement means to you & your business

Nearly three years in the making, the revamped NAFTA agreement came into effect on Canada Day, July 1, 2020. Our federal government calls it the Canada-United States-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (CUSMA), while U.S. president Donald Trump refers to it as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The lack of agreement on the name of the agreement nicely sums […]


Fostering Resilience in the Workplace

True resilience is more than simply bouncing back from a setback or challenge. We’re not spring-loaded, impenetrable orbs after all. Some of the most transformative self-awareness and personal growth comes from processing challenges or failure. Resilience is what prepares us so we can withstand adversity and come out of it stronger and better. Building resilience […]

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Essential Book List: Marketing Advice for Small Business

Digital marketing evolves by the minute, and there’s always something new to learn. Keep your marketing strategies fresh and up-to-date with this list of some of the best marketing books for 2020. Some of these books are straight from the marketing canon and others might be brand new to you. From influencer marketing to content […]

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A new approach to work after a life-altering event

Your life looks more different right now than it ever has. Depending on the nature of your work, you are either run ragged trying to keep your business afloat, or you’ve had some time to slow down, take a step back and see life, your life, from a different perspective. Our patterns of behavior are ingrained in […]

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Innovative ways businesses keep going during COVID-19

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Montreal distiller Paul Cirka decided to take his own spin on this old adage when life – or more accurately, his supplier – gave him corn. Instead of turning corn into gin, he made hand sanitizer. Cirka Distilleries is one of many businesses finding […]

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Your Business Website Content Review: How to get started and what to consider

If your business brochure went to print with two or three spelling mistakes, you would probably reprint to save yourself the embarrassment. However, we tend not to take digital publishing polish as seriously. We all stumble upon web pages and blog posts with typos and broken links daily. A content review, or “audit”, is a […]